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 No, Kids, This Is NOT What Democracy Looks Like


Students storm out of class to protest…democracy.

The Federalist’s Robert Tracinski on the Middle-School-ization of American politics.

Jamie Kirchik gives us his take on the struggle between the UK and Russia over a nerve agent attack.

And if you would spend $19,000 on a kidney for a cat—you’re an IDIOT.

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Boston Boneheads Blow Basics Of Democracy

Yesterday students across Massachusetts took to the streets to demand gun control, many of them chanting “This is what democracy looks like.”

Kids, you need to look again.

The hundreds of students who walked out of their homes (schools in much of the Boston area were closed due to weather) and up to the State House were, absolutely, putting democracy into practice. They called for gun control, for an end to gun violence in schools. Oh yeah, one more thing: A repeal of the Second Amendment.

And gun confiscation. Definitely gun confiscation — along with abolishing the National Rifle Association.

 Not all the students called for these extreme measures, of course. And smart politicians like Democratic state Reps. David Linsky and Marjorie Decker were on hand to channel this energy into support for a specific bill that could actually pass: The “Extreme Risk Protective Order” law they’re pushing.


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Michael In The Media

“Planned Parenthood Is The NRA Of The Democratic Party”