Michael Graham

Yes, Boston--I'm Back!

Just three short years ago, Deval Patrick was still governor, Tom Brady only had three Super Bowl rings, and the phrase “President Donald Trump” sounded like a crazy SNL sketch.

(cue uncomfortable silence)

Anyway, I’m back–and there’s never been more need for the #NaturalTruth.  And it all starts Monday, August 28th.

MICHAEL IN THE MORNING: Start your workday with me in a brand-new national podcast on the Ricochet podcast network–the number one conservative podcast platform in America. The morning’s biggest stories, newsmaker interviews and hot topics you won’t hear on CNN or MSNBC, and delivered straight to your smartphone, tablet or laptop every morning at 7am Eastern. It’s a “morning drive” show that starts whenever your morning does, goes wherever you go, gets you to work informed and ready for the day–and has a heck of a good time doing it.

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Michael In The Morning Papers


While the headlines are about Harvard’s blatantly-racist admissions policy (Asian applicants need an SAT 450 points higher than black students to get in), here’s the real hot-button issue for higher ed:

Mom and Dad, why are you sending your crappy students to college?

Yes, I’m talking to you. Because if you have a kid who recently graduated high school, there’s a 70 percent chance you sent him on to college, even if his response to that stat is ‘Wow, 70 percent—that’s almost half!”

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Michael In The Media

Michael joins CBS News’s Elaine Quijano and political director Steve Chagarris to talk about the post-Bannon White House. Is the Breitbart editor’s departure good news or bad for President Trump?

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