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Manson’s Gone, But Hillary’s Keeping The “Cray-Cray” Alive

  • Charles Manson’s untimely death….as in “why couldn’t this have happened a lot sooner?”
  • And if you think Manson was crazy, did you hear any of the stuff Hillary Clinton was saying this weekend?
  • A GOP Senator lays out the right way to talk taxes
  • And your government is lying! The truth behind the alleged “Thanksgiving Turkey” pardons!

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Michael In The Morning Papers

 Liberal Women Discover They’re Horrified By Behavior Of Liberal Men

If only Bill Clinton were alive to see this.

 Oh, wait — I guess he is, isn’t he? Well, you know what I mean. If only he were still relevant, and not the emaciated-vegan shadow of his former self, using his wife’s political power to scam $500,000 speeches out of the Russians.
 That Bill Clinton — who entered national politics as a low-level perv and, eight years and an untold number of stained blue dresses later, left the same way — is gone. At the end of 1998, when a majority of Americans told pollsters they believed Monica Lewinsky, Bill Clinton’s approval rating among women was still above 70 percent.

Yesterday, some of those same women held a press conference on Capitol Hill to denounce sexual harassment in the political workplace. Last month some Beacon Hill members of the “I Got Bill’s Back” coalition did the same.

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Michael In The Media

How Should GOP Respond To Judge Moore Case?


On my latest appearance on CBSN’s “Red and Blue” show, Molly Hooper of The Hill magazine and I discuss the developing Judge Roy Moore (alleged) sex scandal, and the Senate GOP’s tax cut proposal.

Watch the video here.