Michael Graham

The Left Turns “Pro-Flag” Into “Pro-Trump–And They Think They’re WINNING?


  • Is Donald Trump losing his fight with NFL players over respecting the American flag? Ask Mike Dukakis.
  • The new, new, NEW version of Obamacare repeal.
  • Why Betsy DeVos is under attack for defending due process on campus.
  • And the one name from today’s news you truly want to remember: Alejandro Villanueva.


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The UN: When It’s Not Useless, It’s Dangerous

You don’t have to be a fan of President Trump’s mix of anti-globalist, pro-American insult comedy to admit we just found the perfect audience for it:

The United Nations.

If anyone’s ever earned the Full Trump Treatment® it’s the ineptocrats of the U.N. Corrupt, incompetent and openly anti-Semitic — if al-Qaeda, the Mafia and the world’s laziest postal workers teamed up to take over a high school’s debate team, the result would be the United Nations.

And when it’s not useless, it’s dangerous.

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Kudos to the College Republicans for putting together this forum in response to this story.  I look forward to defending the American military and its mission post-9/11. If you’d like to attend or want more information, click here.