Michael Graham

Yes, Boston--I'm Back!

Just three short years ago, Deval Patrick was still governor, Tom Brady only had three Super Bowl rings, and the phrase “President Donald Trump” sounded like a crazy SNL sketch.

(cue uncomfortable silence)

Anyway, I’m back–and there’s never been more need for the #NaturalTruth.  And it all starts Monday, August 28th.

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Michael In The Morning Papers


Congratulations, Massachusetts liberals, you did it! You found the courage to stand up to…the Nazis.  In America. In 2017.

What’s next? The March Against Malignant Brain Tumors? “I’m against cancer and I don’t care who knows it!”

Sure, it’s nice to know that we live in a place where Ku Kluxers, white supremacists and the Aryan Nations knuckleheads are a marginalized fringe. But watching Boston liberals like Marty Walsh patting themselves on the back for holding off the Hitlerian hordes in New England was a bit much.

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Michael In The Media

Michael joins CBS News’s Elaine Quijano and and Time magazine’s Zeke Miller to discuss President Trump’s new plan for Afghanistan:

The bad news for President Trump (and any other person in his position) is that Afghanistan is a no-win proposition: Stay, and you keep losing American lives and treasure. Go, and you risk a future attack planned in Kandahar but executed in Kansas City.

The good news is that his supporters are far more interested in partisan politics than foreign policy.  I asked a grassroots conservative activist what he was hearing about the president’s Afghanistan speech.

“My people don’t care about the Afghanistan war — we’re in the middle of a culture war,” he told me.

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