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MSNBC Host Goes Nuclear On The Right

It’s Called “Projecting,” My Liberal Friends


Liberals insist: You can’t send people back to El Salvador—it’s a BLEEP-hole!

The White House battens down the hatches in the face of porn star Stormy Daniels

Why I want Sen. Cory Booker to be my banker

And no—conservatives DON’T want to see America’s inner cities get nuked.





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Michael In The Morning Papers

Feeling Schizo About Today’s Politics? You’re Not Alone


If you’re feeling schizophrenic in this era of Trump, you’re not alone. The voices in your head are freaking out, too.

Little “neurological function” humor there …

President Trump may be passing his cognitive ability tests with flying colors, but conservatives can’t be faulted for feeling some cognitive dissonance of their own.

On the one hand, social conservatives are making progress with Donald Trump as president. They’re promoting religious liberty, putting conservatives in the courts and pushing personal responsibility — work requirements for able-bodied Medicaid recipients, for example. 

On the other, Trump the person is like a bad guy from the book of Genesis. A news story about $130,000 in hush money to a porn star has moved from the pages of The Wall Street Journal to the cover of InTouch Magazine (“Secret Hotel Hook-Ups! How They Hid It From Melania!”).

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Michael In The Media

CBS: A “Sh*thole” Swallows The GOP

For Republicans, every day is like a recurring horror movie: “The Curious Case of Dr. Donald and Mr. Trump.”

One day it’s The Donald doing the presidency in a way many hoped he would: Encouraging deal-making on DACA among hardened partisans in Washington, D.C.; Using a

carrot and stick to move North Korea toward negotiations and compromise.

The next day? “Sh*thole countri


And so it goes, with no sign of stopping.  And the question for conservatives and Republicans (the two are not synonyms) is how to respond? Join the #NeverTrumpers? Jump on the Trump Train and try to get as many policy wins on taxes, deregulation and border enforcement as you can?  It can be a tough call, because the “standard deviation,” if you will, on Donald Trump is so wide.

The nonstop criticism from conservative Never Trumpers looks foolish when he’s making progress on policies they’ve long championed. Corporate tax cuts, arming Ukraine, opening ANWR, etc.—these are things that conservatives at National Review, the Weekly Standard and the Wall Street Journal editorial page pushed for. So it only makes sense that, when Trump is leading and getting results, you should see headlines like “Trump Proves He’s Sane” on a Dan Henninger column on the WSJ editorial page.

Just in time for the immigration “sh*t storm.” Suddenly, supporting Trump looks extremely foolish, too.