Your September 7 “Deval Of The Day”

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My friend/fellow blogger/radio host D. R. Tucker has compiled a fascinating list of events from the Deval Patrick files, looking back at each calendar day and noting statements, actions and policies of our soon-to-be-former governor.

Tucker, who hosts the Deval Patrick Watch website, knows this stuff better than anyone.  And each incident is a spin-free factual reminder of the Natural Truths about who Deval Patrick really is—which is precisely what the governor is running away from.

So when there’s a particularly interesting or significant DOTD, I’ll be posting them here and linking our our FB page, too.

Like today:

On September 7 [1994], Deval Patrick, the assistant attorney general for civil rights, filed a brief in a New Jersey case arguing that it is legal to fire a white teacher over a black teacher purely because of her race.

That’s right: this is the anniversary of the infamous Piscataway, N.J., school board case, in which Patrick filed suit on behalf of the school board’s decision to fire a white teacher…for being [white].  No other reason.  The case was so extreme that Jesse Jackson(!) opposed Patrick’s move, and he raised money to settle the case on behalf of the white victim of Patrick-supported racism.

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Natural Truth of the Day

"[Liz] Warren remains far from transparent on the issue [of her Native American heritage]. A copy of Warren’s questionnaire is currently sitting in the Association of American Law Schools archives, but Warren, the only person with the authority to release a copy, refuses to do so." -- Washington Free Beacon