Women In Combat: Political Correctness Vs. Biological Fact.


“I surrender!”

Guess which one wins:

The stupidity and wrong-headedness of the Obama administration’s “women in combat” decision has nothing to do with the proper social position of women and everything to do with indisputable, biological fact.

Facts reported by professor Kingsley Browne of Wayne State University, author of the book “Co-ed Combat”:

“Inclusion of women in (combat) roles results in a segment of the force that is physically weaker, more prone to injury (both physical and psychological), less physically aggressive, able to withstand less pain, less willing to take physical risks, less motivated to kill, less likely to be available to deploy when ordered to (partly, but not exclusively because of pregnancy), more expensive to recruit, and less likely to remain in the service even for the length of their initial contracts.”

Other than that — this is a great idea!

If you listen to my radio show or read my columns, you know I love women. In combat, in positions of power, in hot tubs…whatever.

But I can’t let my feelings about how we “ought to live” in a world where men and women have no significant biological differences get in the way of the actual facts–one of the reasons, despite repeated attempts, I can’t become a liberal.

These aren’t opinions, folks. These are the facts:

It’s not that we haven’t tried. Last September the Marine Corps opened its Infantry Officer Course to women. There were 80 eligible female Marines, according to a report published in the Washington Times, but only two volunteered for the opportunity to lead, up-front and on the ground.

“Of the two female volunteers, one washed out on the first day, along with 26 of the 107 men, and the other dropped out two weeks later for medical reasons, a Marine Corps spokesman said.”

The premise of the Obama Left is that the facts don’t matter. That we should do the politically-correct thing and pretend this is how the world really works.

OK–then I need you to explain to the mom whose son died in combat because his 5′ 3″, 120 lb female squad member couldn’t carry him to safety during a firefight that his death was an acceptable price of “political correctness.”

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