Willie Lantigua: Deval Patrick’s $35 Million Man


Another day, another “Lawrence Mayor Willie Lantigua Broke The Law” story. Is anyone surprised?

BOSTON — Attorney General Martha Coakley sued Mayor William Lantigua yesterday for alleged campaign finance violations amounting to tens of thousands of dollars and dating to his years in the Statehouse.

Among the allegations, Coakley said, Lantigua accepted illegal cash contributions; failed to disclose in-kind services provided by a catering hall, a weekly newspaper and a radio station; and allowed a city hall secretary — now his wife — and a Methuen cop to serve as financial officers in his campaign.

Public employees are not allowed to hold official positions in campaign organizations or to solicit or receive political contributions.

For Lawrence’s little Willie, this is small potatoes.  He’s got political allies awaiting trial for outright theft right now (they’re still on the city payroll, of course), and there are grand juries looking into his blatant criminality–like swapping city cars with a car dealer/Willie supporter that cost taxpayers $30,000.

Lantigua’s already been sued for many of these violations of state election law. He ignored it.  He’ll ignore these, too, and he’ll be easily re-elected as mayor of Lawrence next month.

So the question is “Why should I care, Michael? I don’t live in Lawrence, and I wouldn’t go to that crime-riddled rat hole on a dare.”

You should care, because Willie’s playing with your money. $35 MILLION of your money–thanks to Deval Patrick.  He pushed through a $35 million subsidy to the city of Lawrence under Willie’s leadership. As of today, the city has only borrowed $24 million, but the line of credit–on your name–is there.

And that doesn’t include the $173 MILLION in state aid Lawrence is getting from the rest of the state this year alone!

If Gov. Patrick and Beacon Hill Democrats are going to dump hundreds of millions of our dollars on Lantigua’s criminal enterprise zone, shouldn’t they have something to say about his behavior?

When will Gov Patrick speak up about his pal Willie?

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Michael Graham
Radio talk show host, columnist for the Boston Herald, stand-up comic and former GOP political consultant. Learn more about Michael here.

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