What “Doing Fine” Looks Like

Anyone remember McCain saying “the fundamentals of the economy are strong?” This is dumber.


The following are actual headlines from the past 48 hours:

Bill Clinton: “Median Income Now Lower Than When I Left Office

Another Bad Sign: Productivity Falls by .9 Percent

Youth Unemployment At 12.1 Percent

Who’s Really To Blame For Lousy Recovery?

Law School Class of 2011 Faced ‘Brutal’ Job Market

And these two are from last Friday:

Grim Jobs Data Upends Debate, Lowest Job Growth In A Year

Weak US Jobs Growth Threatens World Economy

Obviously the economy could be doing worse. It could be the Great Depression, we could still be at 10 percent unemployment instead of 8.2 percent (the longest we’ve had 8 percent or higher unemployment since the Depression, by the way), a huge asteroid could have hit the East Coast, etc. etc.

But “it could be worse” is nowhere near “the private sector is doing fine.”

Oh, and this is what Barack Obama has to say in 2008 about John McCain’s “fundamentals of economy” comment.


Michael Graham
Radio talk show host, columnist for the Boston Herald, stand-up comic and former GOP political consultant. Learn more about Michael here.

Natural Truth of the Day

"[Liz] Warren remains far from transparent on the issue [of her Native American heritage]. A copy of Warren’s questionnaire is currently sitting in the Association of American Law Schools archives, but Warren, the only person with the authority to release a copy, refuses to do so." -- Washington Free Beacon