What Hath Unions Wrought? The Hostess Store In Fitchburg, MA

twinkieless hostess shop

My buddy @DaTechGuy sends this picture of the “Twinkieless Hostess Thrift Shop, Fitchburg”

Here’s a great article from last February on the condition of Hostess Corporation and how much damage unions have done to the company’s competitiveness.

Hostess, unlike its chief competitors, is heavily unionized (83 percent of its work force), principally by the Teamsters and the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union. These unions are doing what unions do best: Endangering the financial health of the company and ultimately the continued delivery of ts own members’ paychecks.

Hostess provides pensions via 40 multiemployer pension plans, Driscoll said. That has left the company on the hook for the obligations of other companies that have been driven out of business. Hostess does not “have a competitive cost structure and cannot achieve viability on a long-term sustainable basis,” Driscoll said

Meanwhile, a petition has begun to urge the Obama administration to rescue Hostess and nationalize their treats. Can you say “ObamaCakes?”

UPDATE! Will Sen. Elect Elizabeth Warren get involved from a heritage and cultural standpoint if Hostess will bring back these?

hostess big wheels

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