What A “Low-Information Voter” Looks Like

Doing my show prep this morning, I ran across this Tweet:

palin tweet 1

Now, tweets attacking Sarah Palin are no big deal. It takes about as much political courage to kick this non-office-holding mom as it does to announce you’re against tax fraud (oops, sorry Sec. Geithner) or prostitution (whoops, sorry Sen. Menendez)

But it was so cheap and so lazy that I took 12. 3 seconds to respond:

palin tweet 2

Now here’s where it gets interesting. This woman is a self-proclaimed Massachusetts liberal who fills my Twitter feed with her political commentary, generally of the “I’m a liberal so I’m smart, you’re not so you’re dumb” variety. Her “Palin’s a dummy” tweet is a perfect example. Why can’t we all be as smart as Ms. Massachusetts liberal?

So she replies to my Tweet with this:

palin tweet 3

Holy. Crap. ¬†How can someone possibly be politically aware at all and not know about these classic Joe Biden gaffes? The “shotgun” one is as fresh as the current headlines re: the White House push on gun control.

But she claims she has no idea what I’m talking about. And you know what? I believe her.

I believe her because I often find during debates with local Lefties that their MSNBC bubble is so small, they lack basic information about current events. I was on Jim Braude’s TV show talking gun control right after Biden’s comment, for example, and I linked it to the Colorado pol who said women shouldn’t be allowed to carry guns for protection because they “don’t know if they’re being raped’ and will over-react. This was a national news story…and Braude had no idea what I was talking about.

I’ve made Obama “57 States” jokes to liberals and often had them tell me they “had no idea what I was talking about” and I must be lying.

Is this because the Massachusetts media is so left-leaning, they spend more time covering some Missouri congressman’s view on abortions than they do the local Democrats’? Is it because, as Pew Research found, talk radio listeners tend to be the most knowledgeable about current events…and liberals avoid talk radio (other than the bias-confirming pablum of NPR)?

To argue against free markets, to argue against the free speech, to argue against individual responsibility and individual achievement, you MUST stay inside a cocoon of ignorance.

It’s the only environment where Lefties can thrive.

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Michael Graham
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