The Unions’ Brilliant Marketing Plan: Annoy “Black Friday” Shoppers!

walmart black friday

How do you make this scene even worse? Add Walmart-hating union protesters.

If you’re one of the psycho nuts cost-conscious shoppers who heads out in the wee hours of the morning on Black Friday looking for deals, you’ll be greeted by more than just smiling Santa’s and $99 flat-screen TVs.

You’ll also be hassled in the parking lot by union activists:

The protesting workers, who complain of low wages, short hours and poor working conditions, are members of OUR Walmart, or Organization United for Respect at Walmart, which was started in 2010 with financial support and advice from the UFCW. The union has been involved in previous efforts to represent Wal-Mart workers…

OUR Walmart has called for protests at 1,000 Wal-Mart stores on the day after Thanksgiving, known as Black Friday, which is one of Wal-Mart’s busiest shopping days.

Perfect! You’re fighting traffic to find a parking space, and you’ve got to navigate a parking lot full of angry Walmart haters, too.  Then you, Granny and the kids have to schlep your way through them to get to the deals inside.

Merry Christmas from your local union!

And why Walmart? Target and Sears will be open to, with their largely non-union workforce patrolling store aisles.  Why hate Walmart? Because it’s such a lousy place to work? OK, then don’t work there.  As Walmart reports, there are plenty of people who’ll take that job:

Wal-Mart, which has 1.4 million workers in the U.S., said it has five million applicants for jobs last year and 20% of those applicants had previously worked for the company.

By the way, random union protests designed to hurt businesses like this are illegal.  We’ll see of the same Obama administration that worked so hard to kill jobs in South Carolina support the unions will work just as hard to protect the workers and shoppers at Walmart.

Michael Graham
Radio talk show host, columnist for the Boston Herald, stand-up comic and former GOP political consultant. Learn more about Michael here.

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