The Case Of The Quabbin 7 Will Finally Come To Court

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An update on the bizarre story out of Belchertown, MA where a group of seven “students” from Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, etc. were caught trespassing at the Quabbin Reservoir, touring Boston’s water supply at 12:15AM in total darkness.

I just got this from David Procopio at the Massachusetts State Police:

In summary, the Quabbin case has not advanced at the Belchertown District Court since the original MSP appeal in May. At that time, the Assistant Clerk Magistrate determined that there was probable cause, yet ruled that no complaint would be filed. Subsequent to that finding, because we believe the complaint should issue so that there is a record of a charge against these individuals, we requested judicial review of the clerk’s decision (basically asking that a judge at the court review the case and issue the complaints).

We think it is important to create a record within the judicial system that the individuals were observed trespassing at a critical infrastructure site at an odd hour (around midnight or so) and gave the stated reason that they had professional and academic interest in engineering and wanted to observe the water storage structure.

Since that time, we have made periodic inquires to the court to determine the status of the case. After receiving your inquiry, we made inquiry of the court again today. Today’s inquiry resulted in the court telling us that the case will be heard by the Belchertown District Court Justice on either September 25th or October 2nd. When the appeal is heard, the Justice may make a summary finding or take it under consideration for a future finding.

Once the court acts, we should be able to at least get the basic information about the folks who were apprehended at the Quabbin.


Then again, EJ Haust reports that she’s been told the names are being held as part of an “ongoing criminal matter.” Is this the “criminal matter” in question, or is another agency involved?

Stay tuned.


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