Run, Flashpants, Run!

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Do Democrats even do “disgrace” any more?  Bill Clinton, Elliott Spitzer, Anthony Weiner and now it looks like former state rep John “Flashpants” Fresolo (D-Worcester) feeling electorally aroused.

The Telegram’s Dianne Williamson has the story:

Despite resigning in disgrace, Fresolo says he will run next year to reclaim his seat. Because he speaks only to journalists who write fawning profiles of him, he announced his intentions to Rosalie Tirella of InCity Times, after she wrote that he was ‘passionate’ and ‘sexy’ and urged him to run. In response, Fresolo wrote that ‘I do intend to run next year.’…

Despite the secrecy of the ethics probe, rumors have circulated that it focused on Fresolo’s alleged abuse of his per diem expenses, along with an Anthony Weiner-like episode that involved a young female staffer finding a picture of Fresolo’s, er, passionate sexiness on his office computer. The picture was reportedly not meant for the staffer, who was horrified nonetheless, and you can’t blame her.

Actually, we do have quite a few of the details regarding Fresolo taking a picture of his “Lil’ Legislator” with his camera phone and posting it on the official state of Massachusetts server.


And we have Flashpants’ decision to resign–something even Jumpin’ Jim Marzilli was reluctant to do.

So has the political refractory period passed?  Will Rep. Fresolo be able to get Worcester voters–overwhelmingly Democrats–to ignore his off-putting pictorial.

Or perhaps the real question is whether Worcester Democrats even care? Or will they tell Fresolo to “flash away!”?

I say “Run, Flashpants, run!” You’ll be the perfect poster boy for the state of one-party rule here in Massachusetts.

And you’ve already taken the picture!

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