Occupy Boston? Why Bother—It’s Already All Yours.

While even liberals like Michael Bloomberg have tired of the obnoxious Occupods, here in Massachusetts they continue to find a welcome home.  Not only is our pathetic mayor, Tom Menino, not asking Occupy Boston to leave, a local judge has issued a preemptive order that they can’t be:

A Suffolk Superior Court judge issued a temporary restraining order this afternoon barring the city of Boston from evicting Occupy Boston protesters from their encampment in the downtown area.

The order applies unless there is a fire, medical emergency, or “outbreak of violence,” Judge Frances A. McIntyre ruled.

McIntyre, who set a further hearing on a preliminary injunction for Dec. 1, also ordered the city and the protesters to enter mediation, though the city’s attorneys initially balked at the idea.

McIntyre said she was granting the order because she was concerned about the potential for abridgement of the protesters’ First Amendment rights. “The potential for irreparable harm to the plaintiff is very real,” she said. [emphasis added]

Once again—our gutless mayor hasn’t even asked them to leave yet, but we’ve got a loony judge who has discovered a new constitutional right—the “right to camp out”—and she’s worried this new right could suffer irreparable harm.

Occupy Boston is costing taxpayers millions of dollars according to estimates, not to mention the crimes, filth and general hassles people who work near Dewey Square must put up with.  What right do they have to violate laws against camping out in our public parks, destroying our property, etc?

Attorney Howard M. Cooper, who represented protesters, said today’s ruling made him confident that the judge would also rule in favor of the protesters in the Dec. 1 hearing.

“The crux of the issue was the concern that they [Occupy Boston] will be kicked out before they have a chance to be heard,” Cooper said. “Now, they have a chance to be heard.”

What are these idiots saying in their tents overnight as they defecate in buckets that they can’t say during the day at rallies, marches, protests, etc?  And is anyone naïve enough to believe that, if the Tea Partiers had ignored laws regarding permits, campouts and the like, the city would allow them to stay, too?

No way. These lefties get to stay because Massachusetts IS an Occupied state.  We’re so overrun with lefty loons, anti-American activists and Cambridge kooks that the biggest problem the Occupods have here is finding anyone to protests AGAINST.

Remember—the Occupods had to go to court in Massachusetts because they couldn’t find anyone willing to sue them.

Occupy Boston? Why bother? It’s already all yours.

Michael Graham
Radio talk show host, columnist for the Boston Herald, stand-up comic and former GOP political consultant. Learn more about Michael here.

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