ObamaCare: So Amazingly Wonderful, We Have To Postpone It Until After The Elections–It’s That Good!

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President Obama, in a noble display of generosity to his political opponents, has decided to spare the GOP the difficult task of campaigning in 2014 while the ObamaCare tax is being imposed on American businesses.

ObamaCare is so wonderful, and businesses are just so excited about being taxed for not providing health care, that President Obama has decided it’s just not fair to Republicans to unleash this wildly popular mandate during an election year.

After all, nothing says “It’s working great” like postponing a government policy for another year. Why, ALL the most popular government actions get postponed–it’s only the unpopular ones that people get right away.  Right?

Here, let’s let an Obama official explain it:

“We have been in a dialogue with businesses and we think we can simplify the new reporting — we want to give businesses who want to provide health insurance the time to get this right,” a senior administration official said, explaining the delay. ”Just like our effort to turn the 21 page application for health insurance into a 3 page application, we are working hard to adapt and to be flexible in employer and insurer reporting as we implement the law.”

Oh, please don’t! Don’t cut the 21 page ObamaCare insurance application–which is what they’ve got right now–down to 3 pages. Don’t deny us the unbridled joy of filling out a small novella for the same insurance coverage we used to get over the phone.  WE LOVE YOU, OBAMACARE!

Americans can’t wait to see their premiums rise 100-200 percent. We love the idea of not being able to get a doctor once thousands of physicians stop practicing or go to a purely “concierge care” system, even as millions more people with “free” health care start looking for a doctor of their own.

And just wait until America has the same increase in ER services and wait times under ObamaCare that we’ve had in Massachusetts under Romneycare. Oh, goody!

That’s why we have to wait another year–it’s like Christmas! Santa Barack is going to come down the chimney with the bestest, goodest, most wonderfully wonderfullest health care ever–and you haven’t been good enough yet to deserve it.

You’ll need to be good until 2015, not 2014. That way, the midterm elections will be over the Democrats won’t suffer a total massacre you’ll truly appreciate Obama’s gift to the American people.



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Michael Graham
Radio talk show host, columnist for the Boston Herald, stand-up comic and former GOP political consultant. Learn more about Michael here.

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