Mrs. Obama: “If Only There Were Some Law To Save Black Inner-City Kids From Crummy Schools—Other Than the Law My Husband Tried To Kill, That Is”

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Oh no she di’int!:

First lady Michelle Obama is growing worried about poorly-educated, obese black children…

"I mean, what exactly do you do about children who are languishing in crumbling schools, graduating from high school unprepared for college or a job? And what about the 40 percent of black children who are overweight or obese, or the nearly one in two who are on track to develop diabetes in their lifetimes?" she said.

"What about all those kids growing up in neighborhoods where they don’t feel safe; kids who never have opportunities worthy of their promise? What court case do we bring on their behalf? What laws do we pass for them?" she added. [emphasis added]

Yeah, it’s too bad we can’t pass some law, like—oh, I dunno—letting low-income black kids who live in Obama’s neighborhood attend higher-performing, higher-standard private schools? Oh, wait—we had a program like that, and President Obama tried to kill it.

President Obama’s 2013 budget request not only recklessly increases funding for the Department of Education by another 3.5 percent (taking the bloated agency’s budget to $68.9 billion), it brazenly eliminates funding for the highly successful D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program…

More than 1,600 low-income children are currently enrolled in the D.C. OSP, and receive vouchers of $8,000 ($12,000 for high-school students) to attend a private school of their choice that meets their needs. In a city with the worst-performing and most dangerous public schools in the country, the vouchers have been a lifeline to a brighter future for these children.

The good news is that the GOP house was able to force President Obama into accepting a deal to keep the program as part of a larger budget settlement. So “evil racist Republicans” like John Boehner protecting inner-city black students from Barack Obama. Go figure.

Here’s one of the moms whose daughter President Obama threw under the bus:

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