Lil’ Poopy, The Pride Of Brockton, MA, Being Put Down By The MAN!

lil poopy

It’s a classic story: An artist pushes the boundaries of convention and is attack for it.  It happened to Da Vinci. Beethoven. And now…

Lil’ Poopy.

Lil Poopy has hit the stage with P. Diddy, hung out in nightclubs and been featured in music videos in which he sings about Louis Vuitton swag, driving a Lamborghini and making someone else’s girlfriend his groupie.

The boy is called a “Cocaine Cowboy,” and he performs with a group called Coke Boys. He earns about $7,500 a performance, his father said recently.

All at the tender age of nine.

You can watch him express his artistic vision here, listen as he gives voice to the angst of a generation, re-defines for us the very concept of art itself.

And touch a lady’s bottom:

It’s the “bottom-touching” part that has caught the attention of Brockton police:

One video shows the 9-year-old rapper repeatedly slapping the buttocks of a woman who is bent over.

In another video, Luie Rivera Jr., a Brockton fourth-grader also known as Lil Poopy, is shown in various other, sexually charged situations having similar physical contact with other women…

These images of Rivera, posted to YouTube in recent months and filmed alongside adults partying at nightclubs, including one in Waterbury, Conn., were too much for Brockton police, who are now lodging a complaint alleging child abuse or neglect against his father, Luis Rivera.

Lil’ Poopy’s father says it’s just part of an act, that “Lil’” (as his friends call him?) is a student with good grades and other interests.

And it’s true that child actors and actresses are asked to do things we would never allow children to do in real life: Just think “Hunger Games” or “Bad Santa” or that creepy Nicole Kidman film “Birth” (OK, nobody saw that). My point is, kids have appeared in movies doing things that would otherwise be outrageous.

OK–so Lil’ Poopy is playing a rapper. Should his Dad lose custody of him for letting him play that role? The family’s attorney doesn’t think so:

A lawyer for the young rap star says the pending investigation by the Department of Children and Families is “racially tinged,” and that it’s his client’s First Amendment right to perform and pursue his musical career.

“This is a really misguided waste of precious resources with racial undertones,” said Joseph Krowski, Jr., Lil Poopy’s Brockton-based lawyer.

Krowski told BostInno that after viewing videos of Lil’ Poopy online, a lieutenant from the Brockton Police Department filed a 51A complaint with the state’s Department of Children and Families,

He said that type of filing is usually reserved for children in “potentially abusive situations,” not for those rapping about money, jewelry and how “Coke is not a bad word”,” one of Lil’ Poopy’s catchphrases.

“Based on [the lieutenant’s] uninformed subjective opinion, they contacted the department,” said Krowski. “There are plenty of kids out there being malnourished … they need to concentrate resources on that.”

That’s it, Lil’ Poopy–stick it to the MAN!

Sorry, horrified parents, but you’re going to lose this one. This is Massachusetts, 2013. A dad get in trouble for a son engaged in  sex and drug-related culture? No way!

Now if the father was forcing the poor kid to go to church…

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