Liberal Massachusetts: 3rd WORST State In Country At Protecting Civil Rights

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That’s what we call those rights protecting by the Constitution, right? The rights of racial minorities to equal treatment under the law, the right to be free from unlawful searches, the rights of religious minorities to practice their faith. All “civil rights.”

Oh, then there’s the minority of Americans who own guns, and their rights under the Constitution. How to MA liberals do protecting those?

We’re #3! From the bottom, that is…

Massachusetts is among the worst states in the country for gun owners, coming in just 3rd from the bottom in Guns & Ammo’s ranking of the Best States for Gun Owners in 2013. The distinction, said gun owner groups and Second Amendment advocates, is not one to be proud of.

“It’s a really complicated situation here in Massachusetts. The laws are literally so convoluted,” said Jim Wallace, executive director of the Gun Owners’ Action League (GOAL)…”I’ve had several legislators in the State House ask me to put together a PowerPoint presentation (outlining the state’s gun laws). I said that would take about 8 hours.”

Massachusetts finished 48th in 2013, with a total of 8 out of a possible 50 points. The Commonwealth received a 3 for its concealed carry regulations, with Guns & Ammo classifying it as a “May-Issue” state for licenses to carry where meeting the licensing requirements is not a guarantee of receiving a license. The Bay State received a 5 for its Castle Doctrine, which allows for self-defense in the case of an unlawful intruder in one’s home, but it received zeroes in the remaining categories of MSRs, NFA-type weapons and miscellaneous.

The only states to score lower than Mass. were New Jersey (49th), New York (50th) and Washington, D.C. (51st).

To paraphrase my Boston Herald column on this subject, imagine Massachusetts being the third worst state for women seeking abortion services or gay couples attempting to marry. Imagine the state legislature allowing local cops to decide who was allowed to marry, or protest against the Keystone XL pipeline.

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One of these women has had her civil rights protected. The other hasn’t. Which one is better off?

It’s impossible to imagine because Massachusetts liberals would never allow it to happen. So why do they hypocritically assault your Second Amendment rights and then brag about it?

Ah, but if liberals are consistent about anything, it’s their inconsistency.

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Michael Graham
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