Kid Pretends To Shoot Non-Existent Bow And Arrow, Faces REAL Expulsion From 5th Grade

bow and arrow kid


The Rutherford Institute is defending a 10-year-0ld boy facing punishment–up to and including expulsion–for the new zero-tolerance hate crime of…imagination.

As we understand the facts of Johnny’s case, during the week of October 14th, Johnny asked his teacher for a pencil during class. He walked to the front of the classroom to retrieve the pencil, and during his walk back to his seat, a classmate and friend of Johnny’s held his folder like an imaginary gun and “shot” at Johnny. Johnny playfully used his hands to draw the bowstrings on a completely imaginary “bow” and “shot” an arrow back at the friend. The two children laughed.

Seeing this, another girl in the class reported to the teacher that the boys were shooting at each other. The teacher took both Johnny and the other boy into the hall and lectured them about disruption. This is exactly where the story should end.

Instead, however, the teacher sent an email to Johnny’s mother, Beverly Jones, alerting her to the seriousness of the violation because the children were using “firearms” in their horseplay, noting that Johnny was issued a referral to the Principal.

Principal John Horton contacted Ms. Jones soon thereafter and asserted that Johnny’s behavior was a serious offense that could result in expulsion, although Mr. Horton offered to “merely” require that Johnny serve a one-day in-office suspension.

When Ms. Jones asked Mr. Horton what policy Johnny had violated, Mr. Horton replied that Johnny had “made a threat” to another student using a “replica or representation of a firearm,” through his use of an imaginary bow and arrow…

Living in Massachusetts, it’s hard not to see a connection between this idiotic, panicked over-reaction and the school administrators in Lunenburg.

And just like Lunenburg, the morons in charge think they’re doing the right thing. They claim to sincerely believe that thinking about a weapon, even an arcane one like a boy and arrow, is the same as having one.  So what happens to the kid who pretends to have, say, a light saber or a nuke?  Prison, I assume.

Remember: the dumbest people in America are the ones we hire to make our kids smart.


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