Jerry Remy Out Of The Booth, Phoebe Remy Under Scrutiny

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Prosecutors said in court yesterday that Remy was furious after his release on Wednesday. Hill said Martel spent Tuesday night with her and Wednesday night with Remy’s sister.

Martel’s mother, Patty Martel, told the Herald her daughter went back to the apartment Thursday to collect her things.

“She went back to the house to go get stuff and that’s when he killed her,” Martel said. “And that’s why he killed her, because she called the cops on him.”

Prosecutors “did not do their job,” Martel added. “They failed. She would be alive today if they had put him away.”

And there’s the tragic story in a nutshell: A man overcome by rage, unleashed on the woman he had repeatedly attacked. It’s hard to dispute Mrs. Martel’s claim that her daughter “would be alive today if they had put him away.”

Jerry Remy, one of Jared’s other victims, has publicly expressed his condolences to the Martel family and won’t be broadcasting any Red Sox games for a week.  That seems appropriate to me.

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But what about this from Jared’s mom, Phoebe?

Martel called police and had Remy arrested Tuesday on charges he smashed her head into a mirror.

But the next day, Martel received several telephone calls from Remy’s mother, and Martel “felt guilty for having called the cops,” according to Hill.

“Jen was troubled and upset and felt guilty for having called the cops,” Hill told the Herald yesterday. “From what I understand of the conversation, the small amounts I heard, I feel like she was being coerced into not filing the restraining order.”

Multiple efforts to reach Jerry and Phoebe Remy by phone and at their home were unsuccessful. However, Remy family attorney Peter Bella said Phoebe Remy never tried to quash the restraining order.

“She talked to her to see how she was doing and to see if there was anything she could do for her,” Bella said, “and that was the extent of the conversation.”

The question has arisen as to whether or not Jerry Remy’s stature in Red Sox Nation played any role in getting Jared released on his own recognizance under circumstances that would have gotten most people slapped–at a minimum–with a bail requirement. There’s the fact that Jared once worked for the Red Sox, and was an employee of his father when the murder occurred.

If the only calls were from his concern mom to the Jennifer, that would indicate Jerry didn’t use any undue influence. But it doesn’t answer the question of whether the Waltham authorities themselves used a different standard.

Once again, this case is tragic. The Martel family has lost an irreplaceable member, and the Remy family must live with the pain of a son who (allegedly) murdered the mother of his own daughter.

If it turns out that celebrity influenced the Waltham courts to let this violent, repeat offender out on the streets, that’s bad. If it turns out the Massachusetts court system treats all the Jared Remys out there the same way–that’s even worse.

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