Is This Man A Terrorist?

Now that we (ahem) know that Maj. Nidal Hasan was NOT—in any way!—a terrorist, or acting in the name of any specific religion which may or may not have millions of members who support the beheading of infidels.  Hasan must not be called a terrorist, no matter what we find out about him.  OK, fine.

So what about this guy?  The Seattle papers and CNN both have the word “terrorist” in the headlines:

Seattle police: Suspect in slaying of officer is ‘lone domestic terrorist’


The man who is a suspect in the Halloween night slaying of a Seattle police officer is a "domestic terrorist" who had explosive devices in his apartment, police officials said Saturday.

Christopher J. Monfort is believed to have worked alone in the fatal shooting of Seattle Police Officer Tim Brenton, as well as the Oct. 22 firebombing of four Seattle police vehicles, said Jim Pugel, Seattle Police assistant chief.

"This man, from everything that we can tell, appears to be a lone domestic terrorist," Pugel said at a news conference.


Go ahead. Read the whole story linked above.  Then there’s this headline and story:

Flags were key link to cop slaying, bombings

An American flag left at the scene of Officer Timothy Brenton’s slaying on Halloween and at a city maintenance yard where four police vehicles were torched on Oct. 22 gave investigators a key link between the two crimes even before a Tukwila man was identified as the suspect.

Detectives are now trying to determine why the man suspected of both crimes, Christopher John Monfort, 41, held a grudge against police that went from destructive to lethal in the span of nine days….

Pugel said this morning police also found two rifles in the apartment, including a "military-style assault rifle" being examined as the possible weapon used to kill Brenton. Pugel also said they found improvised explosive devices which police had to disarm before removing.


Aha!  American flags?  Military-style weapons.  Grudge against cops?  No wonder they labeled this right-wing, Timothy McVeigh-wannabe a “domestic terrorist.”  And it’s about time, too! Didn’t Janet Napolitano warn us that all that right-wing talk radio was going to lead to domestic terrorism?  If he’s not in the KKK, he might as well be! It all fits. Why, the story tells itself!

Meet your “domestic terrorist” of the Right:



christophermonfort5 This is Christopher Monfort. 

Some more details CNN viewers and casual headline readers might like to know about this story:

Monfort’s past includes stints as a volunteer for the American Civil Liberties Union and employment as a security guard.

In recent years he has been a student — first at Highline Community College in Des Moines, then at the University of Washington, where he was enrolled in a program aimed at helping minority students go on to graduate work…

While in the UW scholarship program, Monfort focused on the work of Paul Butler, a law professor at George Washington University. Butler is a proponent of a controversial tactic known as jury nullification, whereby a jury can ignore a judge’s instructions and acquit defendants, especially black defendants convicted of a non-violent crime, no matter how strong the case against them.

"It is the moral responsibility of black jurors to emancipate some guilty black outlaws," Butler wrote in a 1995 Yale Law Journal article, adding: "My goal is the subversion of American criminal justice, at least as it now exists."

As the Times reports, Monfort, who is half-black, wrote in his project abstract that he wished to "illimunate [sic] and further" Butler’s scholarship.

Conclusions are so easy to jump to.  Let’s all remember that, please.

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