Is “Liz Warren” Cherokee For “Affirmative Action?”

faux cahontas

Liz Warren’s supporters scoff at the idea that the years she spent lying about her Cherokee heritage was meant to help her.  She claims she just did it hoping to get invited to Native-American-Law-Professor powwows.

"I listed myself in the directory in the hopes that it might mean that I would be invited to a luncheon, a group something that might happen with people who are like I am. Nothing like that ever happened, that was clearly not the use for it and so I stopped checking it off," said Warren.

Sorry, Liz, but there’s no such thing as a free lunch. Not even for the Cherokee…

Setting aside how lame her excuses are, does the idea that Liz Warren benefited from her bogus claims make sense? Two things:

First, does it make sense that universities like Harvard who bragged about Warren’s Native American “roots” didn’t care about them?

Warren listed herself as a racial ethnic minority in a directory of law professors between 1986 and 1995. The profile identified her as a Native American. During that time span, she taught at the University of Texas, Penn, and then Harvard. Indeed, Harvard twice touted her as an ethnic minority, even though her former colleagues now insist that her heritage played no role whatsoever in her hiring or professional development. (One lawyer who was at Harvard disputes the likelihood of that claim, based on the university’s "diversity" binge during the period in question).

Then there’s this disturbing fact about super-genius Liz Warren’s resume’:

That “box checking,” as critics call it, likely played a role in her Harvard hiring especially when her background is compared to those of the other near-100 Harvard Law School professors and assistant professors, according to an analysis of law schools the professors attended. Most graduated from Harvard, and all from the nation’s top 10. Warren graduated from Rutgers University in Newark, ranked 82nd by

What’s more, only Rutgers has current law school professors who graduated from Rutgers. And in the analysis of the law school degrees of the roughly 350 Ivy League law school professors provided by a Warren critic, only one graduated from a lower-ranked law school than Warren, a Yale professor who attended the University of Nebraska Law School, ranked 89.

So here’s Warren, with her mediocre CV, surrounded by scholars from Top 10 schools…and she says her role as Faux-Cahontas had nothing to do with it?

Like my fellow Cherokees like to say: That bull ain’t sittin’.

UPDATE! I’m scheduled to be on Fox talking about the latest Liz Warren developments with Megyn Kelly at 1:15pm today.


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