Is Joe Biden’s Niece Committing Voter Fraud In New Hampshire A BFD?


“I’ve got a great idea–let’s have a ‘family vacay’ in New Hampshire the week of the primary!”

The Union Leader reports:

Joe Biden’s niece Alana Biden voted in New Hampshire in the 2012 presidential election. She is not a Granite Stater. She was staying in Manchester temporarily to campaign for President Obama. From 2008 through 2012, five people not related to Sen. Martha Fuller Clark, D-Portsmouth, voted here, with Fuller Clark’s home listed as their domicile. They no longer live there. How surprising.

Alana certainly wasn’t alone:

And as the legislature in the Granite State continues to battle over voter rights, a report out Tuesday says a Democratic state senator there has multiple voters registered at her home address.

State Sen. Martha Fuller Clark, has eight people registered to vote under her single-family address in Portsmouth, according to the local ABC affiliate WMUR. Several of these individuals came to the state to work on campaigns and voted in elections before moving on.

Ms. Clark has three family members at her home (counting herself). But who are these other five folks? Long lost cousins? Illegal immigrants who’ve demanded residence? We don’t know for sure. What we do know is that these people don’t actually live in her house, but they voted in her precincts.


Does their decision to list an address that’s not their real home and vote there mean they”ve broken the law? The NH GOP wants in investigation.

Democrats argue that New Hampshire laws are so loosey-goosey you could move in one day, vote the next, and move out that weekend and not be breaking the law.  But this case seems to be pushing things just a tad:

In 2005, Democratic Manchester Mayor Bob Baines’ campaign manager, a young man named Geoff Wetrosky, voted in the city election. He had signed an affidavit saying that he lived in Manchester and intended to stay here. After the election he left. He gave as his “domicile” the address of Kathy Sullivan, then chairman of the New Hampshire Democratic Party.

And what about Alana? She hasn’t been seen in New Hampshire since the election. All she left behind was her vote for Barack Obama and Uncle Joe.

(Art above shamelessly stolen from, one of the best political websites in New Hampshire.)



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