In Obama’s America, Work Is For Suckers

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Your Natural Truth for today:

  • For every 1.65 employed persons in the private sector, 1 person receives welfare assistance
  • For every 1.25 employed persons in the private sector, 1 person receives welfare assistance or works for the government.
  • 110 million privately employed workers; 88 million welfare recipients and government workers and rising rapidly.

How is this possible? How can four American workers be paying THREE people either through welfare or a government job?

It’s simple: Debt. Your taxes plus $1.1 trillion in borrowed money this year will write those checks. And as long as the spending stays this high—about 25 percent of every dollar generated by the American economy being spent by Washington—talk of tax hikes is meaningless.

Obama’s tax hikes will, according to the White House, generate maybe $80 billion a year. Obama’s deficit IN OCTOBER ALONE was $120 billion.  And President Obama has no serious plans for real spending cuts.

What happens the day after you cave and give the Obama White House a tax hike? All of these government workers go back to work—soon (according to President Obama) to be joined by more government workers. All the folks on welfare stay on welfare. No plans for economic growth and job creation.

Your tax hike is spent before it’s even collected. Congratulations…suckers.

Michael Graham
Radio talk show host, columnist for the Boston Herald, stand-up comic and former GOP political consultant. Learn more about Michael here.

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