In Both Martel And Matthew Denice Cases, MA Hacks Claim “We Did Nothing Wrong”

martel matthew denice

From my Boston Herald column today:

Ryan’s “blame the victim” stance is so grossly offensive that only a Massachusetts Democrat appointed by Gov. Deval Patrick could get away with it. Imagine a male, Republican district attorney saying of a dead, domestic violence victim the equivalent of, “Don’t look at me. She’s the one who didn’t show up!” That GOP career would be over faster than Scott Brown’s presidential bid.

But a prosecutor who didn’t bother to find out why the victim didn’t show (a friend has alleged that she was pressured by Remy’s family); didn’t bother to pursue a “dangerousness hearing” for a ’roid-raging monster whose very appearance would scare small children; didn’t even take the extremely modest step of making a “no-contact” order part of Jared Remy’s bail — she can get away with laying the responsibility at the feet of the victim?

In Massachusetts — yes she can.

By a twist of fate, yesterday’s headline fell on the two-year anniversary of Matthew Denice’s death at the hands of a drunk, illegal immigrant. The 23-year-old Milford man was dragged to death over a quarter of a mile in the wheel well of Nicolas Guaman’s truck.

Guaman had numerous previous encounters with Massachusetts law enforcement but was never turned over to immigration officials, in part because of Patrick’s continued opposition to the federal “Secure Communities” policy.

After Denice’s death, what did Patrick have to say about the result? About the failure to do anything to take this illegal immigrant off the streets before he could kill this young man?

Paraphrasing slightly: “We did nothing wrong.”

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