EXCLUSIVE: Cell Records Prove Gov. Patrick Lying About “Warning” Call To Rep. O’Connell

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UPDATE! Rep. Shaunna O’Connell will be on my show at noon Monday to update this story.

What do you do when you’re a liberal whose “first instinct is to protect [the privacy rights] of terrorists” and you get called out on it?

First you attack.

Then, when you get called out for attacking, you lie.

I broke of the story of the “warning” phone call from Gov. Patrick’s office to EBT-reform watchdog Shaunna O’Connell last week.

Since then I’ve called the governor’s office repeatedly looking for an explanation or clarification as to why he’d have a staffer calling Rep. O’Connell on her cell to hassle her for criticizing the governor.

Today the Boston Herald reports the Governor’s strategy now that he’s been caught acting like a jerk: Lie about it.

O’Connell claims she then got a phone call from a staffer in Patrick’s office, who was ticked off O’Connell would say such a thing.

“It was kind of like, ‘We don’t appreciate the language you’re using. We think it’s inflammatory,’ ” said O’Connell, who declined to name the Patrick staffer. “I said, ‘Look, I’m not saying anything different than what the governor said. He said he’s going to protect their privacy rights, and they are terrorists.’ ”

Asked about the dust-up Wednesday, Patrick told reporters O’Connell is simply spouting nonsense.

“Well, she makes a lot of things up, and it sounds like she’s on her old tear. They’ve asked for a lot of information. We’ve provided all the information we can. These issues are concerning to me too, and I think it would be concerning to anybody.”

Wow. Shaunna O’Connell quotes the governor accurately, and he says “she makes a lot of things up.” That’s what happens when you have a one-party autocracy for a government, and a media dominated by Deval suck-ups.

So, who’s lying–the governor or Rep. O’Connell?

But the good news is, this is a pretty easy riddle to solve, thanks to the fact that Shaunna O’Connell claims the call came in Tuesday morning  on her cell phone.  So either there will be a record of the call from the Governor’s office, or there won’t be.

If Gov. Patrick is right and Rep. O’Connell is lying, then she’ll be forced to play the Tim Murray “This is my personal cell” card and keep the records private. (A move supported, ironically, by Deval Patrick)

But if she’s telling the truth, there will be a record of the call and Gov, Patrick is the one who’s lying.

Hey–what’s this? Why, it’s a screen capture of Rep. O’Connell’s cellphone showing incoming calls on Tuesday morning…

shaunna cellphone 3

Hmmm…that’s an interesting name, “Rosemary Powers.” Where do I know that from?

Oh, yeah–this is from Governor Patrick’s official website:

rosemary powers

Why I do believe that first name is…Rosemary Powers. What a coincidence!

Gov. Patrick, you owe Rep. O’Connell an apology (two, actually). And you owe the voters an explanation.


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