Gov. Patrick, That’s Blood On Your Hands

Here’s what we know about the Marshfield murder case:

The allegedly killer was apparently here illegally.

He gave police a fake name, and his “real” name doesn’t appear on any immigration documents (according to ICE).

His visa number on the passport bearing Almeida’s name and photo “was issued to a Kuwaiti female in Beruit in 2003.”


This guy with these blatant immigration problems was arrested in June—three months before he stabbed a 24-year-old woman to death.

Why wasn’t he caught then? Why didn’t ICE flag this guy and his bogus documents, or demand that he clear up when/where he entered the country?

Because Deval Patrick wouldn’t let them.

The only reason Almeida was able to be in the US to kill this woman was because Gov. Patrick prevented law enforcement from sending Almeida’s prints to ICE back in June. Oh yes—they were sent to the FBI, but as I point out in my column today, that’s useless if you’re trying to enforce immigration laws.

Yes, the Patrick administration supports sending fingerprints to the FBI and, yes, that’s part of the “federal government.” Alas, it’s not the part of the federal government that has anything to do with immigration. No doubt Patrick would support sending fingerprints to the Smithsonian or Mount Rushmore, too.

What the sheriffs are doing is sending the prints to the only place that matters, and that’s a policy Patrick continues to oppose.

Read that again: “Patrick continues to oppose.”

There is blood on Gov. Patrick’s hands.  Blood from the Milford death last month and this murder today—not to mention other murders and rapes committed by illegals since he took office.

Both of these recent killings would have been prevented if the repeat-offender illegals involved had been turned over to ICE and deported. And still Gov. Patrick chooses to support illegal immigration, even when his policies get people killed.

What does it say about a politician that he would rather see dead people lying in our streets than see basic enforcement of immigration laws?

Michael Graham
Radio talk show host, columnist for the Boston Herald, stand-up comic and former GOP political consultant. Learn more about Michael here.

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