An Election Day Reminder: “Gabriel Gomez, Please Go Away”

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UPDATE! I am re-posting this on Election Day to remind those of you who’ve been swooning over Gomez’s TV ads just what kind of (ahem) “Republican” he is.

Here’s the Natural Truth: Any party that nominates a guy whose entire campaign consists of saying “Navy Seal” in Spanish and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance deserves to lose.


On March 1st, I openly mocked Democrat Republican Desperate candidate for US Senate Gabriel Gomez’s claim that he “gave money to Obama, but I voted for the Navy guy….John McCain.” 

But even I underestimated the total and utter weasleyness of Gabriel Gomez, wannabe pol.

Here’s what he told Gov. Patrick in a January 2013 letter lobbying to be Deval’s interim US Senate pick:

“I fully understand that naming a moderate Republican like me would be completely unconventional. However, given the partisan and acrimonious atmosphere in the US Senate today, this is even more of a reason to consider appointing a moderate Republican with my background. I supported President Obama in 2008.” [emphasis added]

Now check out the video of Gomez claiming he supported John McCain in 2008:
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What a buffoon.

Forget the fact that, in his letter to Deval, he pledges to support President Obama’s pro-amnesty and anti-Second-Amendment positions. Forget that “conservative” Gomez repeatedly tells Deval he’s a “moderate Republican.”

Even forget that Gomez now claims begging for a free senate seat took “guts.”

How can any Massachusetts Republican in his right mind possibly support this flip-flopping fool? In addition to being a guaranteed loser, he’s going to embarrass the party at every turn.

Ask yourself this: Does it help or hurt the GOP to be the party of candidates who you can’t even trust when they tell you how they voted?

You were either lying when you told Patrick you voted Obama, or you were lying when you told us you voted McCain. Either way, you’re a liar.

Gutsy Gomez, please just go, go, go away.  

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