From The Streets of Obamaphone America

A listener sent these photos in from the streets of Worcester, MA Friday”

Dear Michael,

As I’m going about my day… WORKING… Delivering flowers I see this car. I have a phone I pay for but who can resist FREE PHONES… Well I guess my taxes pay for those phones so I can’t really get one for free can I.


obamaphone safelink car edit



obamaphone car ma edit

Michael Graham
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Natural Truth of the Day

For several months now, whenever the topic of enrollment in the Affordable Care Act came up, I've been saying that it was too soon to tell its ultimate effects. We don't know how many people have paid for their new insurance policies, or how many of those who bought policies were previously uninsured. For that, I said, we will have to wait for Census Bureau data, which offer the best assessment of the insurance status of the whole population... I stand corrected: These data won't be available at all. Ever.-- Megan McArdle, Bloomberg View.