Dumb: Arresting Someone For Fireworks. Dumber: Threatening Them With Jail. Dumbest?

fireworks staties


Seriously, MA staties–you’re this pathetic?

Fireworks Seizure in Worcester After Car Stop

Yesterday, Trooper Cristina Lucin-Maietta of the Holden Barracks, stopped a motor vehicle on I-290 in Worcester for speeding and marked lanes violations. During the motor vehicle stop, fireworks were located. The driver of this vehicle will now have to appear in court on a criminal charge.

Fireworks are illegal in Massachusetts. Please remember this if you are contemplating buying fireworks this 4th of July holiday. More importantly, there are inherent dangers with setting off fireworks. Please be safe this holiday.

UPDATE! This anti-adult, Nanny-State nonsense is costing Massachusetts more than national humiliation:

Hedlund said the state loses an estimated $2 million in taxes annually to states such as New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Maine that have legalized fireworks to varying degrees. The Bay State is one of four states that ban all consumer fireworks.

“It’s estimated we lose about $40 million in yearly sales,” Hedlund said…

Maine, which legalized fireworks last year, collected $380,000 in taxes in the 12 months through May 31 on sales of $7.6 million, more than triple the initial revenue estimates.


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