Does Ann Coulter Owe Me A Dinner?


Back in January, just before the New Hampshire primary, my friend (and total hottie!) Ann Coulter was a guest on my show discussing the GOP primary and my less-than-adoring attitude toward Mitt “Etch-A-Sketch” Romney.

At the time I predicting that, once he had the nomination, Mitt Romney would start attacking the Tea Party and conservatives as part of his elective strategy.  Coulter said he wouldn’t, and we bet dinner on it.

So, does Ann Coulter owe me dinner today?

Romney: Time to move beyond Fox’s ‘true believers’

At a closed-to-the-press Florida fundraiser Sunday night at which his remarks were overheard by some reporters standing outside, Mitt Romney was asked about his media strategy for the general election campaign. According to reports in the Wall Street Journal and MSNBC, Romney said his campaign has been treated well by Fox News but that he needs to expand his audience beyond the leading cable news channel.

"Fox is watched by the true believers," Romney told donors, according to the Wall Street Journal. "We need to get the independents and the women."

Romney singled out CNN’s Wolf Blitzer as a good newsman, and today the campaign circulated photos of Romney and wife Ann walking in Boston with ABC’s Diane Sawyer, with whom the couple is doing an extensive interview.

Now, as Byron York points out, Mitt’s wrong about Fox’s reach (it’s the best cable news channel for reaching independents). But the message seems pretty clear to me: “Conservatives? Screw ‘em!”

I admit, I could be jumping the gun here. Or I could be acknowledging what we call know is coming: Mitt Romney—who’s never liked conservatives or small government—is throwing us under the bus.  It’s just a matter of “when.”

So I guess my only question for Ann Coulter is “Are we there yet?”

UPDATE! Byron York is scheduled to join us at 3:20pm today to talk about the latest on the Prez race.


Michael Graham
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