Deval’s Massachusetts: Public-Funded Tats, Bling OK. US Flags?

us flag banned

The Patrick Administration has banned the display of the American flag at a MA housing project

UPDATE!  The Patrick administration has flip-flopped…er “evolved” their position and rescinded the ban!


Not so much.

Here are the two headlines that tell the story:

Massachusetts governor’s welfare card restrictions would still allow purchases at nail salons and jewelry stores

As an amendment to state budget legislation signed Sunday, Patrick cut the Legislature’s list of businesses that cannot accept EBT card purchases. Among the changes, Patrick would still allow the cards to be used at nail salons and jewelry stores — points of purchase lawmakers wanted to eliminate.

The Democratic governor kept a provision banning EBT card purchases at places like liquor stores, cruise ships, casinos, firearms dealers and adult entertainment venues. But, Patrick shot down a measure banning the purchase of individual items, like tattoos and guns.

Another headline, also from today:

Flag ban at Wrentham housing complex enrages tenants

WRENTHAM — Residents of a Wrentham public housing complex are outraged that the town’s housing agency has banned the display of U.S. flags outside their homes.

The Wrentham Housing Authority notified residents of the policy through a letter taped to their doors Wednesday.

The unsigned letter says the move was made after a tenant complained to the state Department of Housing and Community Development over the Fourth of July holiday.

Here’s the actual letter:

wrentham housing letter 2

So Gov. Patrick’s administration is fighting for the right of people on the dole to spend your money on tattoos, jewelry, nail salon appointments, etc. But they have no problem telling these people that the AMERICAN FLAG is banned from the doorpost of their apartment.

That’s classic Massachusetts liberalism.

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