Deval “The Grinch” Patrick Displays His Seasonal Schizophrenia

deval confused

Last week, Gov. Deval Patrick’s office sent one email containing two very different invitations.  One is for the explicitly religious and religion-specific  “Annual Lighting of the Chanukah Menorah” on Dec. 20th.


The other is for tonight’s completely non-religious and utterly p.c. “Holiday Tree Lighting.”

gov christmas invite

OK….am I missing something here?  How does it make sense to Gov. Patrick to have a “Chanukah Menorah” and a “Holiday Tree”…in the SAME ROOM?

If it’s OK to have a “Chanukah Menorah,” then surely it’s OK to have a “Christmas Tree,” right?  Conversely, if Gov. Patrick’s p.c. paranoia prohibits admitting what the tree really is, shouldn’t the glowing Jewish symbol next to the “Holiday Tree” be a “Winter Candle,” or a  “Solstice Candelabra?”

In a rational, reasonable Massachusetts, the state house would be warmed by the glow of both a Christmas Tree and a Chanukah Menorah and we’d all be enjoying the holidays. In the Massachusetts of no-fun Lefties, we’d have a Holiday Bush and a Good Will Candleholder brightening Nurses Hall.

But this? How does this make sense to anyone?

Michael Graham
Radio talk show host, columnist for the Boston Herald, stand-up comic and former GOP political consultant. Learn more about Michael here.

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