CNN: “Uh, Remember How We Told You Zimmerman Used A Racial Slur…”

…never mind:

Despite what you’ve been told repeatedly by MSNBC/CNN/NYTimes, etc. George Zimmerman did NOT call anyone a “coon.”  He said it was “[bleeping] cold.” Which it was that night, for Florida anyway.

And by the way, I posted a link to an analysis last Thursday that showed the same thing. But the Mainstream Media weren’t interested.

So here we go again. The original story—“White Klansman Stalks Black Man, Uses Racial Slur, Guns Him Down For No Reason”—has changed yet again.

Now it’s “Hispanic Guy Watching Neighborhood On Cold Night Sees Someone He Doesn’t Know, Is Involved In Some Sort of Altercation, Ends Up Shooting Trayvon, Shows Up at Police Station With Gashes In His Head.”

That’s a very different story from the “state-sanctioned murder” we keep hearing about. So when are Sharpton and Jackson going to stop telling it?

UPDATE! CNN, watch for a tweet or two from Don Cheadle on this.

Michael Graham
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