Boston, Providence Make “Top 10 Most Taxed” List

menino smiling

Why is this man smiling? Because his city’s at the top of the “most taxed” list!

This is hardly a surprise, is it?

The top ten cities with the highest tax burden for a hypothetical family of three making $50,000 in 2011:

#10 Boston, MA

Paul Revere made his famous midnight ride on horseback here — but today, trading in the horse for a car of your own would cost $303 in taxes per year. The total tax burden for our hypothetical family in Boston sits at 12.2%, or about $6,125 annually.

#9 Burlington, VT

Vermont’s largest city, home to the very first Ben & Jerry’s, was ranked by Forbes as one of the prettiest towns in America — and we’re sure its 42,500 residents agree. But at a 12.3% tax burden ($6,150 per year), it’s #9 on our list of the most taxed cities in America.

#8 Providence, RI

The city of Providence is known for its historic and cultural attractions; it was first settled in 1636 by Roger Williams and was one of the original Thirteen Colonies. As of the 2010 census, 178,042 people lived within the city of Providence — and our hypothetical family paid $6,034 in taxes in 2011. $3,876 was property tax alone.

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So is it really news that Boston’s one of the highest-taxed cities in America–higher than liberal enclaves like NYC and San Francisco?

OK, it’s not a surprise. But given that Gov. Patrick  and Mayor Menino are both pushing higher taxes at the moment,  it does sound like something that might resemble a news story. Doesn’t it?

Apparently not–at least, based on the near-total lack of media coverage of this story. The Boston Globe-Democrat buried this in the business section of their web edition (Like everyone under 60, I have no clue what they do in print), and I’m haven’t seen it or heard it mentioned anywhere else.

If I were a candidate for, say, US Senate, who was running against higher taxes and endless government spending, I might be talking about this. Boston taxpayers might have some vague interest in their “achievement.”

At least I think so. Which is why I WILL be talking about it on my radio show Monday.

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