Bill Kristol to Whiny GOPers: “Suck It Up” And Embrace Opportunities As Opposition Party

reagan thumbs up

I got a sneak preview of Bill Kristol’s upcoming editorial for the Weekly Standard, and it’s exactly the bracing, challenging and inspiring message Republicans need to hear as they watch President Obama re-take the throne sworn in for his second term.

I got him to preview a bit of it for the Weekly Standard podcast (click here to listen), reminding Republicans that they’ve been in worse political spots in the past, and that Ronald Reagan used the out-of-power years of the late ’70s to prepare and build for what would become the “Reagan Revolution.”

It’s great stuff. Click, listen and then share it with a conservative friend who needs a boost.

And remember what Franklin said: “If we don’t hang together, we shall surely hang separately.”

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Michael Graham
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Natural Truth of the Day

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