A Cambridge Kook (And MIT Prof) Tells America: Boston Bombing All YOUR Fault!



Want to hate America? You don’t have to go to the Caucasus. Just go to Cambridge!

Were they Tsarnaev Brothers “self-radicalized?” If so, it was only because they couldn’t afford college and the change to be radicalized by knee-jerk America haters like Professor Rajagopal of MIT:

Professor Rajagopal starts his article by letting us all know he lives and works in Cambridge/Somerville. So he’s in the communities where people actually had limbs blown off in the Boston Marathon bomber attacks. Who knows, he may know some of the injured personally.

He just doesn’t have a lot of sympathy for them. And why should he, when the people responsible for causing the bombings are the American people and our government:

We ignore the suffering of others at our own peril…The frenzy of war-making on the rest by the West has to stop…The Boston bombers are said to have been inspired to act by their opposition to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. They may have been inspired by the hated consequences of the drone wars…

 the Obama Administration needs to reject many of the wrong-headed actions of the Bush Administration on the war on terror, which it has continued. Only a complete return to a legal and ethical path will recover some of the so-called lost moral high ground, which America wants to occupy. Only such a complete repudiation will help America gain the moral esteem of the world and better ensure its own safety.

So the immoral, war-crazed Americans are responsible for turning these fine, young lads into terrorists, and until we get rid of President Bush and end the war in Iraq, the bombings will continue….wait–what?

Read the article for yourself and what will frighten you is just how (sorry to be mean about this) dumb this “professor” is. It’s like an embarrassing “No War For Oil” posting from a dopey Occupod.

For example, America “ignores the suffering of others at our own peril” and we “cultivated and collaborated with violent and despotic rulers, overlooking their human rights records.” You know–like Saddam Hussein. So the right thing to do would have been to get rid of Saddam and help the Iraqi people establish self-ru….uh, no. I’m sorry, he means that the brutal Taliban regime and its assault on women and religious minorities was so awful that we should have toppled….uh, no–not that, either.

So America is bad for ignoring dictators and their suffering, and we’re bad for ending it, too.

His other great idea for ending terrorist attacks on America is to shut down Guantanamo Bay. Releasing these terrorists–who we know have a high recidivism rate–will end terror by…uh, well it just will. Trust him–he’s a PROFESSOR.

He also wants more Americans to suffer publicly for their sins:

No one in power ever pays for their mistakes in America, from the killings at My Lai in Vietnam, to the illegality of the Iraq invasion, to the horrors of the attack on Fallujah to the ‘collateral damage’ of hundreds of children’s deaths in drone wars in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Yemen.

Yeah, LBJ didn’t suffer any consequences for Vietnam, you’re right. And why didn’t someone get arrested after illegally invading Iraq? Why didn’t cops show up at the White House with a copy of the “No Illegal Invasions”  statute and slap the cuffs on President Bush?

Then comes this warning:

America cannot call itself a state based on ‘rule of law’ if no one is ever held accountable for criminal acts — for that’s what they are. The intellectual class is sublimely oblivious to the negative repercussions of impunity around the world. The failure by America to acknowledge its crimes and mistakes leads to increasing resentment and eventually rage. We get blowback.

You call it blowing up an 8 year old kid at a marathon, he calls it “blowback.” Whatever it is–we’re asking for it. We evil Americans created the “rage” and “resentment.” This is just, as President Obama’s pastor would say, “American’s chickens, coming home to roost.”

It’s not Professor Rajagopal’s left-wing politics that bother me–it’s his ignorance and cluelessness. A guy who can’t make an argument fit for a junior high debate squad is teaching at MIT?

Professor Rajagopal hates America enough to do his part to destroy it…by cranking out college kids just as dumb as he is.


Michael Graham
Radio talk show host, columnist for the Boston Herald, stand-up comic and former GOP political consultant. Learn more about Michael here.

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